Friday, August 31, 2018

Greens for Oxley: Arthur Bain

NSW Greens are pleased to introduce Arthur Bain as the candidate for the Oxley electorate in the 2019 state election.

Arthur was a founding member of Nambucca Macleay Greens and previously a member of Mid North Coast Greens.

Living ‘up river’ from Kempsey, in Bellbrook, Arthur has a strong desire to make sure that the rural and urban communities have an environment that allows them to flourish and has great concerns over water quality.
His very active role in the ‘Save Our Macleay River’ group is testimony to this and he has a long history of monitoring and acting upon issues that impact on the quality of the Macleay and its tributaries.

Arthur Bain has an acute understanding of the problems facing farmers with acid sulphate soils and antimony in the waterways.

His contributions to the community are indicative of his commitment to the region.

He has changed his role from inspiring educator, being principal of Millbank school, to working with vulnerable members of the community, strengthening family well-being, and access to education.

He is also prominent as a member of the Rural Fire Service having a leadership role in the Bellbrook RFS for over 20 years.

Arthur’s strong belief in social justice and his genuine willingness to listen have earned him respect among the indigenous community.

Look out for Arthur around your local community as he talks to people about Greens' policies.

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M: 0428 475 965

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